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New Public Toilet Costs San Antonio $170K

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If you find yourself needing a bathroom break along the river walk in San Antonio, you can now stop by the newly installed public toilet called the Portland Loo.

This single public restroom has graffiti-resistant stainless steel walls that can also be used to hang appropriate artwork. The unit includes a toilet and hand sanitizer inside with a handwashing station outside. It’s private but there are louvres on the top and bottom to ensure it won’t be used for unwanted purposes.

Councilman Roberto Treviño brought the high-tech toilet to Texas. He hopes that this will be the first of many in the downtown area to help reduce public urination and defecation.

MySA reports that Treviño stated, “It is our duty as elected officials and administrators to provide the public with basic essential services that help to make San Antonio a more welcoming place for tourists and residents alike. I am confident that the Loo will help improve sanitary conditions and accessibility in many parts of the city.”

The Portland Loo came all the way from Portland, Oregon where the units are already in action. The unit itself costs over $97 thousand plus an additional $88 thousand for installation, but costs could be reduced if they’re purchased in bulk in the future.