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San Antonio Launches Two New Programs to Help Veterans

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AmericaServes and Bunker Labs are coming to San Antonio to assist veterans (and their families) in their wellbeing and businesses, according to KSAT.

Walmart and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University will provide funding for AmericaServes, a service that helps to streamline the overwhelming amount of resources available to soldiers when they return home. By using a broad network, AmericaServes will help connect vets and their families to the support they need.

The AmericaServes website explains, “Studies show that veterans, when in need, express multiple needs for clinical and social services at once. The fragmented nature of these military veteran services in the civilian world is frustrating and can be stressful for any person trying to access them. AmericaServes is here to streamline the process of receiving multiple services at once.”

Bunker Labs, on the other hand, is more business minded. According to their website, this nonprofit is “built by military veteran entrepreneurs to empower other military veterans as leaders in innovation. Through local chapters organized in 12 different cities, Bunker Labs provides educational programming, mentors, events, and thriving local networks to help military veterans start and grow businesses.” They already have one location in Texas (near downtown Austin.)