San Antonio Zoo to Make Unique Catwalk for Jaguars

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A new improvement planned for the San Antonio Zoo will have jaguars walking over guest’s heads, simulating how they would explore canopy settings in the wild. writes that Tim Morrow, executive director and CEO of the zoo, said, “We are looking forward to bringing this one-of-a-kind experience to our guests…We will be the only zoo in the country to offer this unique cat walk for our jaguars…”

The San Antonio Zoo says that fundraising has begun for the $2 million project that will be the first of its kind to allow jaguars to walk over to the nearby Amazonia habitat where they can explore the edge of the river. This will connect the two new jaguar cubs born in September to their explorative instincts. says that the zoo hopes to get a good start on the project in 2017, but construction times will depend on funding. Though one Facebook commenter provided a fair warning to future guests to walk under the catwalk at their own risk. “My husband and I went to a zoo in LA with a cat walk and the big cat sprayed my husband lol,” Michelle Martinez laughingly wrote.