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The San Antonio Zoo Floods, Animals Happily Play in Rain

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On Thursday, May 19, a small river flooded the San Antonio Zoo as the rains finally stopped falling in time for the Zoo La-La Fundraiser.

The zoo officials posted a video to their Facebook page showing the flooding, with a substantial amount accumulating in the parking lot. As KHOU reported, the zoo stayed open through the morning, but they recommended that all those planning a visit remain home through the day.

The San Antonio Zoo’s Facebook page posted a live video stream during the morning with the caption, “The view outside the San Antonio Zoo this morning. Inside the Zoo, all the animals and staff are doing fine.”

When people commented, concerned for the animals, the staff assured commenters that the animals actually love the fresh rainfall when they can get it, and that no animal keeps were flooded. As one commenter wrote, “I bet the otters love it,” and we agree.

The Zoo was back to business over the weekend as they held their Zoo La-La fundraiser on Thursday night as the skies cleared. They even posted a few photos of the animals enjoying some new ponds in their keeps from the rains.

The animals will definitely remember this rainfall, especially as the summer heat starts pouring in.