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San Antonio Zoo Now Home to Recently Rescued Bald Eagle

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At over 25-years-old, Haley, the American bald eagle, has found a new home at the San Antonio Zoo. MySA.com says it’s been about 10 years since the zoo had a resident eagle, and guests and staff are thrilled to have the national icon back. Haley has lived in several zoos, including her most recent stay at the Santa Barbara Zoo, after sustaining injuries from a gunshot wound in 1988 what rendered her unable to fly. She will have two main caretakers in San Antonio.

Many visitors are lining up to photograph the majestic bird that almost seems know how to perfectly pose for pictures. On their Facebook page, the San Antonio Zoo says that the eagle is located near the Beastro and Hixon Birdhouses. MySA.com writes, “Two weeks ago, the plant-shrouded space was home to European White Storks and East African Crowned Cranes…Koons [manager of aviculture] said he’s seen people visibly surprised by the sight of Haley. And he’s heard a common refrain from longtime visitors: ‘The bald eagle is back!'”

Haley will have a companion soon when Chinook, a bald eagle living at a zoo in Washington, arrives next month. Like Haley, Chinook will have a quarantine period before he’s introduced to the public and his new friend.