This Texas Pet Store’s Exotic New Resident Will Melt Your Heart

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What has two toes on each limb and (literally) hangs out all day in Flower Mound, Texas? Sandy the Two-Toed Sloth, of course!

Earthwise Pet Store owner Deana Otis adopted Sandy after adding herself to a sloth rescue list nine moths ago. Curiously, two-toed sloths are legal pets with the proper permits, while three-toed sloths are generally only allowed in zoos.

Sloths like Sandy spend the majority of their time slowly changing positions from hanging on one limb to another, but they must descend to the ground once a week to relieve themselves. If you’re visiting Earthwise Pet Store to snap a picture for your Instragram account, hope it’s not on that day.

just hangin around????

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Customers are mindful of Sandy’s wishes. Otis told CBS Philly: “Yeah, they’re good pets, but they’re not cuddly. A lot of people think you can pick them up and hold onto them and have them wrap around you, and that’s not the case most times. They’re solitary animals, so they like to be on their own.”

When u get that back scratched

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It might be hard to refrain from giving Sandy a hug, but it’s best to respect a Texan sloth’s wishes.