Texas Actress Sandy Valles Lands Big Role in ‘Queen of the South’

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Up and coming young Texas actress Sandy Valles is no stranger to the acting world. At a very young age, Valles never envisioned doing anything else but acting. Although the road has not been a smooth one and at times paved with challenges, her tenacity and determination have brought her through to the success she is garnering today in USA Networks new hit series-“Queen of the South,” filmed in Dallas, Texas.

With the support of family, her training and her dedicated focus, Valles is very well set to be a pioneer and leader of a new generation of actors breaking down barriers and opening doors of opportunity.

Training Ground

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Photo courtesy of Claire McAdams

At the tender age of 3, Valles was already showing her acting roots by putting on small productions with her little brother for her family. With the support of her parents and having them “install and foster that love and creation of imagination,” she began training at 8 years old with Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS).” TUTS is a world-renowned and award-winning training ground in Houston, Texas for actors of all ages. Many go on to perform in hit Broadway shows, television, and film jobs, just to name a few.

“Just going to TUTS became my life,” shared Valles. “I absorbed everything I could, from teachers and students.” Valles credits her love of acting from the classes she took, in particular, her class with Ms. Rozie Curtis. “That class stood out from all the others,” said Valles. “If I’m somewhere where I’m competing with singers and dancers I would lose,” shared Valles. “But if you put me in acting, I was so confident in acting that if you told me to act with Meryl Streep I would say ‘ok, I can do it.’” It’s this confidence in her craft and herself that led Valles to take a leap of faith and join the ranks of thousands of actors in Hollywood trying to land that big role.


Sandy Valles
Photo courtesy of Sandy Valles

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