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Santa Stops by the Hill Country

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With a jolly laugh, Santa greeted families a few weeks ago at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa.

Santa Stops by the Hill Country

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Mr. and Mrs. Claus took a breather from their duties at the North Pole and traveled to Texas. After reading a story to the children, he asked the kiddos, “Did you see my reindeer on the lawn? Rudolph couldn’t come. You see, he’s getting in shape for Christmas Eve. Like me, he eats too many cookies, but Dasher flew us down. Dasher is a bit unruly now and then, but he’ll dance and prance his way into your hearts.”

Santa Stops by the Hill Country

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Santa went on to say, “Are you having a good time? The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa has exciting events planned. Don’t forget the indoor backyard. I call it the Fun Zone.” Santa gave his jovial chuckle and then said, “I haven’t tried it, but rolling around in one of those giant balls would be a blast.”

Santa Stops by the Hill Country
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With a twinkle in his eye, Santa pointed at a few of the children. “Earlier in the day, before I left the North Pole, I spotted some of you at the waterpark. Young folks have a lot of activities to do at the resort while you wait for this big guy to arrive.” Santa guffawed really loud when one of the boys asked him if he’d also floated down the Lazy River. “No, not this trip. I might try it when I come back in the summer.” He pulled at his belt and grinned. “Probably should lose a few pounds first.” Another child asked, “Will you find us if we aren’t home?” Santa nodded. “Rest assured, I’ll find who has been naughty and nice. No worries about that.”

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