Sarcoma Awareness Month: 3 Ways You Can Help

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The month of July is famous for many holidays. Independence Day, National Ice Cream Day, and the National Day of the Cowboy to name a few. However, another important event is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Talking about cancer is scary, and usually not something people are comfortable with. To put it plainly, in a month filled with fireworks, frozen goodies, and rodeos, any talk of the big C-word can be a real buzz-kill. However, shedding light on one of the rarest forms of the disease is a great way to remind those being affected by it that they are not alone. Additionally, awareness of sarcoma may lead to more funding for research of better treatment options or possibly even the eradication of the disease itself. That is a goal anyone can get behind!

Sarcomas are malignant tumors of the body’s connective tissues. These are divided into two groups, bone, and soft-tissue. According to the Sarcoma Alliance, approximately 14,000 new cases of sarcomas are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. Bone sarcomas are the rarest form, with around 2,890 diagnoses per year. Children, in particular, are likely to be diagnosed with this form of cancer. While sarcoma diagnoses are lower than that of other manifestations, the numbers are still staggering. The World Health Organization predicts deaths attributed to cancer will increase to 13 million worldwide by the year 2030. With numbers like that, action must be taken. So what can you do to help? Below are three simple ways you can contribute to sarcoma awareness.

1. Sign the Petition

sign the petition

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July is not officially recognized as Sarcoma Awareness Month by the federal government. However, because of the propensity of the disease to be diagnosed after it has already reached an advanced state, awareness is crucial to the survival of those it affects. By signing the White House Petition, you can do your part to ensure people know the early warning signs of sarcoma. Add your name here.

2. Wear the Color

Wear a yellow ribbon for sarcoma awareness


Just like Breast Cancer Awareness Month with its various shades of pink, Sarcoma Awareness Month has its own color. Displaying a simple yellow ribbon is oftentimes all it takes to start a conversation about the many aspects of sarcoma.

3. Donate


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For many people in this day and age, money is hard to come by. However, it is a matter of fact that without proper funding, cancer research can only go so far. In recent years, knowledge of sarcoma and treatment options have grown in leaps and bounds, but until the disease is completely wiped out, there is still more work to do. There are several reputable establishments where your donation will be used to make positive changes in the field of cancer research. To learn more about these options, visit Sarcoma Foundation of AmericaSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, or Sarcoma Alliance.


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