Save the Sasquatch: Phony Petition Polls People for Gullibility

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Mark Dice’s YouTube channel posts “new videos every day” and that’s something you can quote him on. What you can’t quote him on, apparently, are the statements he uses in polling people on the street with respect to their beliefs on saving the sasquatch.

In a phony poll video recently posted, Mark noted, “Liberal lunatics in California want Bigfoot added to the Endangered Species list in order to prevent hunters from shooting one of the creatures. Residents signed a petition to “Save the Sasquatch,” and ban anyone from harming one, apparently unaware that the creature is a myth.” How many were gullible enough to be duped by his dubious research?

Some were coy enough and caught the camera in action, and others…not so much. You would be amazed at the number of people that not only signed the petition but also asked questions, and seemed to go along with Mark’s topic of discussion apparently unaware of his pretense. As for being “Liberal lunatics…,” we’ll let you be the judge.