New Scale Can Scan Your Body for an Accurate 360-Degree, 3D Image

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The Shape Scale is a smart scale taken to a whole new level. When users stand on the Shape Scale, a panel on the machine rises up and takes hundreds of photos of one’s body. The photos are then sent to an app where users can see a full, 3D, 360-degree image of their body, almost like they’ve suddenly become a realistic video game character.

The images can show how one’s body changes over time through time-lapse and side-by-side comparisons. According to the Shape Scale website, it can detect “minute changes” and provide accurate measurements.

Though the product has a promising future, a reviewer at CNET points out that revisions still need to be made. Their review noted that there was “… some refinement that will need to go into the final product — the balance of the scale, the reliability of its moving parts and the overall ease of use are all things to remain concerned about,” noting that the company still has some time before its release.

According to their website, the Shape Scale is available for the fourth batch of pre-orders which will be shipped out in June of next year. Patrons can reserve the machine for $399 and pay the rest of the $699 price tag when it ships. Or they can reserve it for $349 and pay a $9.99 subscription service for a minimum of a year.

This scale will take a 3D model of your body to show you incredibly detailed progress

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