Scammers Are Using People’s Own Phone Numbers to Confuse Them

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If you receive a phone call from what looks like yourself, don’t answer it! The caller ID has been spoofed by someone wanting to take advantage of your confusion. The Knoxville News Sentinel points out that while this isn’t a new tactic, caller ID spoofing can easily fool people because scammers can make it look like they’re calling from the bank, 911, or even your own phone number.

WFAA reports that Donny Claxton, a victim of the scam, said he woke up late in the night to see the strange call. “I look at the phone, and it’s me and I am looking. How am I calling myself? And I look at my phone. and there is no one there. and then it hangs up,” he told the news. He stayed on the line for about nine seconds.

Unfortunately, the scammers are hoping that you’ll answer and stay on the phone for as long as possible in a state of bewilderment so they can make charges onto your phone bill. Phylissia Landix with the BBB explained to the news, “The longer time you spend on that phone the greater chances they can get something done and insert the fraudulent charge.” So don’t give in to your curiosity, and simply reject the call.