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What’s the Most Scenic Drive in the Texas Hill Country? It Starts with ‘Willow’ & Ends with ‘City’

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If you’re looking for the absolute most scenic driving route in the Texas Hill Country, look no further than the road through Willow City. One of the best ways to explore all that’s beautiful in nature, this scenic drive wins bragging rights, hands down. This popular 13-mile trip is filled with pleasant, rippling creeks, meadows teeming with wildflower blossoms, rolling hills, and lush, green valleys. Without a doubt, you’ll also be amazed at the wildlife you’ll spot during your drive. Regardless of the time of year, this charming country road weaving in and around private properties, roaming cattle, and sleek horses will take you through lovely hills and outcroppings of blossoms bursting with so much color, you’ll think they popped out of a painting.

What’s the Most Scenic Drive in the Texas Hill Country? It Starts With ‘Willow’ & Ends With ‘City’

Photo: Flickr/Steve

Willow City is a small, unincorporated community just 25 minutes from Enchanted Rock State Natural Area and 12 miles northeast of Fredericksburg. Visitors and road trippers alike have the opportunity to camp, hike, picnic, and bird watch at the former, or go antiquing, do a wine tour, and live it up in a premium Texas Hill Country bed and breakfast at the latter. Willow City itself was added to the National Register of Historic Places in May of 2005 and was originally settled prior to the Civil War. Becoming quite a lively community in the 1880s, for the most part, it was inhabited by German-speaking settlers and was simply named “Willow” when growth and expansion throughout the following decade seemed to necessitate the name “Willow City.”

What’s the Most Scenic Drive in the Texas Hill Country? It Starts With ‘Willow’ & Ends With ‘City’

Photo: Flickr/Mister Wenzel

Today, it’s brimming with scenery that many a local hold dear to their heart and many a tourist only dream of seeing in real life. And, being close to many of the best food, entertainment, attractions, and swimming that the Texas Hill Country has to offer certainly hasn’t made it a ghost town! There’s also some local hot spots featuring great barbecue, cold beer, live music, and even a game of horseshoes. Swing on through Willow City. Take your camera, maybe the kids, a picnic, and a desire to explore the most scenic drive of your life.