Schlitterbahn to Destroy Ride That Killed a Young Boy

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In early August, a 10-year-old boy lost his life while riding on The Verruckt, a waterside thrill ride at the Kansas City Schlitterbahn. The ride was built in 2014, and despite many mishaps while building the 15-story, record-breaking slide, it was eventually opened up to the public and became one of their most popular rides.

The Verruckt has been closed and under investigation since the tragedy in August took place. Now, Schlitterbahn spokesperson Pam Renteria has come forward to say that the ride will be torn down. ABC 13 quotes Renteria, “In our opinion, it is the only proper course of action following this tragedy. We will, at some point in the future, announce what will be built in its place.”

ABC News reported some grisly details as to what happened on the slide that is taller than the Statue of Liberty. A witness to the accident said he “heard booms coming from the area of the slide and then saw a body wash down the slide directly after the raft did.” It appeared that the young boy had been decapitated. Demolishing the ride seems like the only choice to prevent any other families from suffering from such a travesty.