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Schlotzsky’s Sets a Guinness World Record For Its New Austin Mural

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Did you help Schlotzsky’s have a happy birthday? On Friday, the sandwich company celebrated its 46th birthday with the ambitious goal of beating a world record. KVUE wrote on Saturday that the Scholotsky’s on South Lamar in Austin needed “at least 2,604 people to help them break the record for most contributions to a painting by numbers” on an outside wall mural. At the time of the article, they were only about 200 people away from making their goal that would be verified by Guinness World Record officials the following day.

Early this week, Patch.com writes that Schlotsky’s was successful in their record-breaking mural! The piece designed by local graffiti artist Sloke One and filled in like a paint-by-number by 2,643 people. “People wanted to pick certain squares that they would remember where it was — like I know I did one of the pink squares right in here, so when I come back I know ok I contributed to that piece of this mural,” Schlotzsky’s representative Lindsay Haynes told KVUE.

The big sandwich mural in the heart of Austin now officially holds the record of having the “most participants in a huge paint-by-numbers mural.” Schlotzsky’s got its start in the state’s capital in 1971, and now they have over 350 locations all over the globe.