A Scientist Has a New Theory for the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

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There are many tales about a section of the ocean referred to as the Bermuda Triangle. Some say that ships and planes that have disappeared in the area have something to do with alien abduction, travel to another dimension or even the lost city of Atlantis, but others think that all of it is ludicrous.

IFLScience writes that a new theory has sprung up to explain the oddities that happen in the region. Meteorolgoist Dr. Randy Cerveny says that “hexagonal clouds” that strangely form in the area could create “air-bombs” that push fast winds down onto the ocean causing devastatingly high waves.

Though, after his theory aired on the Science Channel, Cerveny spoke with The Washington Post to state that the show actually cut half of what he had to say on the topic. He wanted to explain that the metrological phenomenon probably isn’t the whole solution to the “mystery.” “The editing on this was horrendous…I have no interest in studying the Bermuda Triangle,” he said.

IFLScience also notes that there’s evidence that the Bermuda Triangle isn’t exactly as terrifyingly mysterious as we would maybe even like to believe. In fact, the National Ocean Service states that while the tales that surround this piece of the ocean may be fascinating, many of the disappearances in the area can be explained by history and science.