Scientists Say By 2020 We’ll Have Lost Two-Thirds of Our Wildlife

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It comes as no surprise that our wildlife, including all wild creatures from huge elephants to tiny salamanders, have suffered while humans have flourished by invading their habitats and polluting the environment.

KXAN says that from WWF reports, it can be confirmed that we’ve seen a “58 percent overall decline in the numbers of fish, mammals, birds and reptiles since 1970.” Business Insider points out that we will “reach 67% by 2020.”

Only 15% of Earth’s land is reserved for wildlife protection. The spreading of farming areas has affected wildlife, but scientists say that the most detrimental impact has been on creatures living in rivers in lakes. This is the result of extracting too much water, and allowing for pollution and the building of dams.

Though it may seem very hopeless at times, scientists hope that people will keep paying attention to the state of our wildlife. The director of the WWF Marco Lambertini reminds us, “The richness and diversity of life on Earth is fundamental to the complex life systems that underpin it. Life supports life itself and we are part of the same equation. Lose biodiversity and the natural world and the life support systems, as we know them today, will collapse.”