Scooped Cookie Dough is the Treat Your Momma Wouldn’t Let You Have

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Those of you who were always told by your mom that you couldn’t eat the raw cookie dough out of the bowl (but always managed to sneak a bite anyway) will be happy to hear about this next Texas Hill Country treat. Scooped Cookie Dough was originally established in San Antonio. It has since grown in popularity so much that it’s expanded (all the way to Chicago!). What has this place got that your momma wouldn’t let you have? A type of cookie dough that you can consume without fear.

According to the company’s website, their products come in delicious flavors, such as classic Chocolate Chip and more modern tastes such as tangy Lemencello (there truly is something for everyone) and they’re made fresh daily. Their delicious recipes feature quality ingredients, and they even have gluten free and vegan options! Why does their product differ from that which your mom (and the rest of the food world) doesn’t want you to eat? They use pasteurized eggs and flour which is heat-treated, in order to ensure a safe cookie-dough-eating experience. Their setting is like that of an ice cream shop (which—hello!—is already enticing), and then they have these amazing toppings you can add to it. Could you imagine whipped cream on top of the raw cookie dough you were never allowed to consume? It’s like a double decadent whammy!

Video: YouTube/The Jam Show

The Jam TV Show visited the Chicago location to get the gist for why Scooped Cookie Dough was such an undeniably delicious treat. Not only does the company have popular San Antonio and Chicago establishments, but if you’re unable to make a physical visit, you can also order it online—with nationwide delivery! They feature some seriously mouthwatering flavors such as Mexican Hot Chocolate and Cowboy (a recipe from former First Lady Laura Bush), as well as Cake Batter and Red Velvet, among others. In the Hill Country, their San Antonio location can be found at 15900 La Canterra Parkway, open Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sunday, from 12 — 6 p.m. Any business that takes the risk out of eating one of our favorite childhood sneak-treats and increases the likelihood we’ll feel guilt-free in the process has got our vote!