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Houston Maintenance Man is Bugged by What One Tenant Left Behind

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In Houston, near the Southwest Freeway and the Sam Houston Tollway sits the Wilcrest Winding Trails apartment complex. What’s usually perceived as a normal complex suddenly made headlines when a resident was evicted. When a maintenance man went inside of the former resident’s apartment, he was met with a strange sight—13 tarantulas and 59 scorpions were discovered in boxes!

According to Click2Houston.com, 54 of the scorpions were discovered to be babies, and three of the tarantulas were already deceased. Though scorpions are venomous, their stings aren’t usually strong enough to severely sicken a human.

KHOU says that once the creatures were found, the apartment complex notified the SPCA who now have custody of the critters. They’re staying in touch with the Houston Zoo to learn how to properly care for the abandoned pets since they aren’t exactly the most common creatures that arrive at the shelter.

Even though tarantulas and scorpions aren’t cuddly pets, they are still categorized as animals that are protected from abuse by law under the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. At this time, charges against the tenant have not been filed.

Wilcrest Winding Trails will hire an exterminator to clear the apartment of any creatures that are still hiding inside.