Scott Castleberry Stirs the Soul With His Amazing Voice

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Oftentimes we are amazed at the talent God has blessed others with. Scott Castleberry of Atoka, OK is one that has truly been blessed with an amazing voice. He has gone viral on YouTube and Facebook, but why on Earth has this man not received a record contract? He needs one just for his voice alone! However, as he explains in his most recent video, he is not seeking fame and looks to God for guidance.

There is nothing overly special about the production of his videos. Just a good ‘ol country boy sitting in his truck or at his home singing country gospel choruses. However, his absolutely beautiful voice stirs your heart and awakens the soul, all while delivering a powerful message. Watch Castleberry’s rendition of the The Rose by Conway Twitty and Mercy Walked In by Gordon Mote. It will bring tears to your eyes. Then, once you’ve cleared those tears from your eyes, hop over to Castleberry’s Facebook page to watch more!