Sculpting the Wild West

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A true Texan, a force of Cowboys and Indians, his work comes to life to take you back to the day of the Wild West in Texas. H. Clay Dahlberg creates some of the most exquisite sculptures that coincide with Texas and its rich history. His studio is much like a country western movie set. He really sets himself in the element to compose the best work possible.


However, he creates a multitude of bronzed fine art pieces. His most recent creations include everything from a delicate pair of miniature spurs to monument-size composition called “Wild Men and Wild Cattle”. Native American Warriors, Mexican pistoleros, fisherman, ranch kids, old men with memories, and his heroes with big hats and horses, are all presented with pride as characters in Clay Dahlberg’s continuing celebration of the spirit of the West.

wild_men and wild cattle

His sculptures are considered to be “Contemporary Western,” Dahlberg creates historical and contemporary bronze sculptures of the Wild West. Realistic and very life-like, he exudes the true feeling of his subjects and the spirit of the west pours thru the depths of his work. His creations are timeless; they come to life and take you to the era and place at which each one was created.

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The detail in his work is extraordinary. Dahlberg goes thru steps in each of his pieces from the drawing and sketches of the image he wishes to create, then to photographs he takes of his models.

“When I am happy with the design; I pose and photograph my model. Most of the people that pose for me are cowboys or characters I know. I take a lot of photographs around them, changing lenses so that I can even get ‘close-ups’ of position of a hand or wrinkle in the fabric,” said Dahlberg.


He is a one-of-a-kind Texan, and his work is classic. He has created a multitude of sculptures in which, each one is named, and has a story behind. He has never sought out, or needed, the endorsement of critics and connoisseur collectors. His art is aimed at an audience of cowboys and the kind of folks that have a history with horses.