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Sea Lion Mistakes Little Girl’s Dress For Food, Pulls Her Into Water Frighteningly Fast

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Michael Fujiwara uploaded a video to YouTube on Saturday. His video taken on a sunny day by the water already has over 18 million views from people who are flabbergasted to see such a strange and scary event. According to the caption, the video was filmed at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf, Richmond B.C. Canada. Before you watch the video it’s good to know that thankfully, no one was hurt, but the image is still alarming.

In the clip, a little girl in a cute dress watches as a sea lion approaches her and her family near the shore. They admire its adorable face until the little girl turns her back to the creature to sit on the ledge. Suddenly, the sea lion grabs her dress and pulls her into the water.

KVUE reports that animal expert Andrew Trites believes that the little girl’s white dress could have looked like food to the seal lion, especially since visitors were feeding it bread crumbs moments before.

The swiftness of the creature’s actions and powerful pull of its jaw shows how incredibly strong it is. This strength is something we all have to keep in mind when visiting the habitat of wild animals.