Sea Lion Takes Up Residence on a Car in the Middle of a Busy Parking Lot

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“Why would he even do that?” a man said laughingly at the bizarre sight in front of him. In a new viral video, a group of people in Freeland, Washington (a small town on Whidbey Island) witnessed an odd moment – a sea lion decided to climb on top of a Honda Civic parked in the busy Nichols Brothers shipyard parking lot.

No one is quite sure why the creature picked that particular car, or any car at all for that matter, to proudly sun himself and then lay down for a nap. People surrounded the car from a comfortable distance away to snap photos and record video since it’s probably the only time they’ll ever see a sea lion hanging out on a Honda in their lifetime.

According to, the local sheriff’s office had to send out a couple of officers to coax the creature off of the car and back to a safer place. The Marine Mammal Center says that sea lions can weigh between 220 – 850 pounds, so the top of a Civic probably isn’t the best place for a quick nap. There’s no word on how the driver of the car reacted when they saw the entertaining ordeal.