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50 Sea Turtles Released Into the Gulf After Receiving Treatment on South Padre Island

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According to The Monitor, teams of people from “Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Game Wardens and other volunteers” joined forces with Sea Turtle Inc. to save 309 sea turtles who were stunned by a cold weather snap three weeks ago.

When the water temperature suddenly dropped to below 50 degrees in shallow areas, these turtles entered a state of shock where they “appeared coma-tose” and became particularly vulnerable to predators. After the sea turtles are rescued by helpful humans, they spent time with Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island where they were rehabilitated until they could safely return to the Gulf of Mexico.

On Tuesday, 50 of these healthy turtles were released back into the water with the help of volunteers. Sea Turlte Inc. encourages the public to attend releases to wish the turtles well and maintain interest in the organization’s good work. On the Facebook event page for the release, hundreds of people RSVPed for the event, and many posted photos afterward. In addition to being ridiculously cute (because of the “flying sea turtle” look when they’re carried to the water), the photos also show how Sea Turtle Inc. takes the event as an opportunity to educate the public about these incredible creatures.