Seal of Approval: Solo Boater Gets Surprise Visit

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Cool and unique things can happen when you least expect it. That’s what took place one sunny day out on a boat when one man met an amazingly friendly seal. While out on the boat alone and attempting to take a selfie, the creature decided to jump on board and photobomb him! From there, our solo boater was able to record the instant magic between them.

Unsure as to what may have attracted the seal, the man was able to remain quite calm, not to mention, have a sense of humor about the whole thing! As easy as the seal found it to jump on board and befriend the gentleman, he too found it easy and amenable to record video of their meeting and newfound friendship, however brief.

The two friends hilariously face the camera as the man casually explains, “Here’s my new friend,” in between chuckles, while the seal has no problem cuddling up to his back, perhaps to get warm. Such an impromptu meeting appeared to be a welcomed surprise for the man and made for a wonderful video. It’s a heartwarming watch and really makes you wonder what might have prompted this seal to do such a thing. Clearly, it sensed that the man was approachable, and it made for a great interaction!