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Season 12 ‘The Voice’ Star Valerie Ponzio Debuts Newest Single

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Fresh off Season 12 of “The Voice,” Latina country sensation Valerie Ponzio is already creating a buzz in the country music world with her newest single “Love Me When You’re Lonely,” set to hit the airwaves on July 27, 2017. This Independent artist out of El Paso, Texas is breaking down barriers and knocking down doors as she trailblazes her powerhouse, raspy, yet sensual voice inviting you into each lyric of her music winning your heart from the first beat of the song. Taking country music to another level, this country rebel is taking the music world not just by storm but with a vengeance.


Valerie Ponzio

Photo courtesy of valerieponzio.com

Having been a contestant to win the hearts of all the judges with a four chair turn on Season 12 of “The Voice,” it’s no wonder this country music sensation with a voice that belts out songs of “loss, love, and raising your glass to the hope of tomorrow” and bringing her guitar skills into the mix is making waves in Nashville.

Growing up with a background in singing in church, she comes from a musical family and writes some of her songs with her fiancé. Her sister is also a singer/songwriter and her brother, who taught her so much about music, is a main source of inspiration for channeling her music. He, unfortunately, passed away, but Valerie shared it’s the “pain and hardship endured with the loss of her brother” that fuels her creativity.

Ponzio shared, “I have a one-on-one with my guitar to soul search” as a way to bring out those creative inspirations that reflect beautifully through her music. Being part of the recent “Girl Power” movement we see across the board with females in empowering roles in films, music, and art, Ponzio is soon to be “Country Music’s Adele” with a little bit of Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Shania Twain, and Florida Georgia Line mixed in.

Her Music

Since her appearance on “The Voice,” Valerie has recently moved to Nashville where the windows of opportunities have opened up for her, and everyone there has been very receptive to her music. She’s been busy songwriting with the talented Justin Ebach “who co-wrote the Country #1 hit ‘Can’t Sleep Without You’ with Brett Young,” shares her website. She recently opened up for Brett in El Paso, TX.

Her newest single, “Love Me When You’re Lonely,” set to be released July 27th, is that kind of gut wrenching truth about love, loss, and heartache we have all faced at some point, and learning to see the signs and realizing its time to move on if someone isn’t valuing you. “Just call situations for what it is. Learn to feel confident, and you’ll get through,” shared Ponzio on describing her latest release.

What’s Next?

Valerie Ponzio

Photo courtesy of valerieponzio.com

Some of the artists Ponzio credits as musical influences for her music are Luke Bryan, whose music was helpful during her time of grieving for her brother, Miranda Lambert, who she would love to do a duet with, Jason Isbell, whom she would like to work with, and rounding out her dream team Florida Georgia Line.

“Valerie is unique, you know she’s got a very earthy, very different quality about her sound. I love that kind of Americana story teller voice that she has.” – Blake Shelton from “The Voice.”

Streaming full blast ahead, this Country Music Latina is bringing her edge and brand of music to the forefront from her captivating rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” to collaborating with writers to create original music that is “exactly what she wanted to hear.” Ponzio says her motto is to “fill up my love to the sky.” She is also an avid baker, which she loves to do in her spare time.

Upcoming shows include opening up in October for Jake Owens. To catch the latest news on this rising star out of Texas, visit her website valerieponzio.com and be sure to download her latest single “Love Me When You’re Lonely,” on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Google Play starting July 27th.