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SeaWorld Sadly Announces Their Baby Calf Has Passed Away

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In April, SeaWorld San Antonio excitedly announced that a killer whale calf was born in captivity to mother Takara. Sadly, USA Today said that the three-month-old calf named Kyara passed away after a battle with what was most likely pneumonia.

“She was surrounded by the dedicated teams that cared for her over the last three months and fought tirelessly for her over the last several days,” SeaWorld said in a statement. Testing will be done to confirm the exact cause of death. The theme park company will no longer have any baby orcas because of their 2016 commitment to close their breeding program. Takara was already pregnant at the time, so she was to have the last killer whale calf.

On Facebook, SeaWorld responded to comments asking about the emotions of the rest of the pod, including Takara. “Takara’s behavior was back to normal by the end of the weekend,” they replied. “Additionally, the rest of the pod is responding well and behaving normally. While the loss of Kyara is heartbreaking for the animal care, veterinary and training teams, as well as the entire SeaWorld family, our focus is now on continuing the care of the rest of the orca pod back at Shamu Stadium.”