New SeaWorld Roller Coaster Has Riders Wear VR Headsets to Transport Them to Another World

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Roller coasters are becoming more and more creative to keep their riders entertained. This month, SeaWorld Orlando debuted their newest improvement on one of their older coasters, now called the Kraken Unleashed. What makes this ride unique isn’t the track or seating but rather that thrill-seekers don VR headsets to immerse themselves in another world as they cascade up, down, and around the hills of the track.

“It’s all sea creatures. You get to go on this tour and a volcanic eruption happens, which opens a crack in the bottom of the ocean floor and in you get sucked. This is the drop into the first inversion of the ride – and then you’re in this imaginary and legendary world of sea creatures,” Brian Morrow, Vice President of Theme Park Experience Design for SeaWorld Orlando told

In order to get people pumped about the new ride, SeaWorld Orlando held a media event offering YouTubers like TheTimTracker a chance to ride the coaster and show it to his viewers. In his recently uploaded video, TheTimTracker shows that the line for the Kraken Unleashed is meant to look like a marine lab of sorts. Upon the walls are video screens showing riders that they’ll soon be putting on virtual reality headsets, and they’ll even need to remove their prescription glasses before doing so. It’s going to be a hectic ride!

Watch the video below to see how the virtual reality storyline plays out along with reviews from the riders.