Second-Grader Tricks After-School Staff with Handwritten Note, Leaves School Early

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Rosabella Dahu, a second-grader, decided she wanted to go home early from school so she wrote a note. The staff member believed it.

Her father, Charlie Dahu, normally keeps Rosabella in an after-school program until either he or his wife could pick her up from school. However, this second-grader decided she wanted to go home early so she wrote a note herself saying it was alright if she went home on the bus, as WFSB reported. The after-school instructor believed it and let her go.

Charlie was shocked to find that his daughter was home early and found out only because their neighbors, the Lozanos, let Rosabella inside when she asked to use the restroom. The seven-year-old stayed with the family until her dad came home from work.

Charlie is upset, and reasonably so, because the note was clearly handwritten by a seven-year-old. As he said, “Now, does this look like a note that a parent would write?”

The Sheldon Independent School District released a statement saying that they are making sure their grant staff receives the same training as the instructors themselves. Dahu knows that Rosabella lied, and she was appropriately punished, but he is turning his attention to the school board.

It makes him question the safety of Sheldon Elementary school. If his daughter could trick the staff, could someone with more malicious intent do the same?