Where Can You See the Best Fall Foliage in the State of Texas?

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Tony Maples Photography


In the fall, every leaf that can possibly change color makes Texas look like a beautiful tapestry at this time of year. The Lone Star State has a variety of scenic woods for full autumn leaf viewing, including maple, oak, cypress, and mesquite. They undergo a beautiful seasonal transformation from a lush green to vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. See great fall foliage firsthand!

These fall leaf colors illuminate Texas nature areas and parks as though they had an overabundance and needed to basically explode! Those wanting to view some of the most amazing Lone Star State fall leaf transitions can check out a variety of Texas state parks. They often have an array of fall foliage which is completely stunning! They’re also fantastic places to camp, hike, and generally enjoy the great outdoors, especially with the moderate temperatures we begin to experience this time of year!

Video: YouTube/Texas Parks and Wildlife

Shared on the Texas Parks and Wildlife YouTube channel, the video above captures Lost Maples State Park, in the Texas Hill Country, and mentions McKittrick Canyon in all of its autumn glory! The video description reads: “You might think New England, not Texas, if you think of trees turning color in the Fall, but some parts of the state do see brilliant reds, yellows and oranges. So what happens inside a leaf to make these spectacular colors? Texas Parks and Wildlife gives us an inside look. To find out the best time to visit Lost Maples State Natural Area, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at” The video goes to the extent of defining for viewers why it is that leaves change colors and what is generally expected as a result. The beautiful array of fall-time leaves that can be seen at such sites depend on Texas weather conditions. So the timing for your trips to see the fall foliage is integral to full enjoyment.