See This Famous Guitar Maker’s Incredible Workshop in West Texas

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In Alpine, Texas, Michael Stevens sits on his front porch overlooking the desert and strums his own acoustic guitar for a minute or two each morning. Then, he goes to work to create guitars for others.

This famous Texas guitar maker has created designs for a high profile list of musicians, from Waylon Jennings to Eric Clapton. His most memorable moment? When Jimmy Page slid the beautiful black guitar Stevens crafted for him across the stage. You’ll have to watch the video to hear the explanation to that story.

Regardless of customer, Stevens spends meticulous hours working on his beautiful, one of a kind guitar designs. He says he sees the creative process begin as soon as the first piece of wood is cut. The custom-fitted electric guitars are a beautiful sight to see and even more incredible to hear play.

With orders backed up for months, Michael Stevens still treats each guitar like a work of art, focusing not only on the outward appearance, but also how his creations sound in action.

You can see a few of his creations here at his website, but you can only find that Jimmy Page story in the video below.