See George Jones’ Play Deep Cut ‘The King is Gone (So Are You)’ on ACL

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If you’ve never had a lover leave you, then this George Jones song won’t be relatable. If you have, however, he speaks right to your soul.

One of his greatest songs to hear live, “The King is Gone (So Are You)” went through a major name change before it became a classic hit. First titled “Ya Ba Da Ba Do (So Are You),” the name was changed to its current state after the record label was concerned about infringing on Flintstones copyright laws.

In this video, you can see why this song was such a favorite live performance for Jones fans. He sings like a man who knows the heartbreak of the song, and in fact, he does. After battling addiction and intense personal relationships, Jones can embody the lyrics with a soulfulness that will probably never be replicated.

It’s the perfect song for the lonely: it’s melody is catchy, but not overbearing, and its lyrics speak of a man who realizes with pain that his woman “wouldn’t be comin’ home no more.”

Mourn the loss of Jones with this classic as we remember that one of our Kings of Country is gone, too. It’s never been the same without his voice playing through our radios.