See a Young George Jones Perform ‘Walk Through This World With Me’

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George Jones (1931 – 2013) is arguably one of the greatest country singers who ever lived, and today we’re revisiting one of his classics, “Walk Through This World With Me”. Yes, the romantic song that has been the first dance song in so many weddings over the years.

Written by Sandy Seamons and Kaye Savage, the song was a track on Jones’ album appropriately titled Walk Through This World With Me. The song was released in 1966, and became a number one hit the following year. It stayed a total of 19 whole weeks on the country music charts.

Interestingly enough, Jones wasn’t all that cracked up on recording the ballad at first, but his producer eventually convinced him to. He wasn’t happy with how the version turned out and actually rerecorded it. In I Lived to Tell It All, Jones says, “I couldn’t believe that a song I had resisted so much had done so well.”

Whatever Jones’ opinion of the song at the time, we’re sure glad that he gave into recording this romantic and timeless country ballad.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and listen to Jones’ beautiful live performance of “Walk Through This World With Me”.