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If you’re an investor, business owner, or just want to be involved, keep reading…

We’re a small team begun by two retired Texas police officers that has now grown, and we’re ready for something more. We began with, and now our portfolio includes over 3000 websites and dozens of social media platforms that we’re building up. We have millions of followers waiting for us to tell them where to go, stay, play, live, retire, and more in the Hill Country and across Texas.

For the past ten years, we’ve been promoting many businesses, organizations, products, services, events, and more, but now we want to start on something that we’re personally a part of, so we’re seeking partners and investors. We’re not rich, have no corporate sponsors or business loans, but we have one of the biggest online presence opportunities in Texas., plus our social media pages and our print magazine, is seeking partners as well as investors for special projects that you’re doing, or interested in doing, and will let us become part of it. We can even include all of Texas with our newest brand and its huge social media pages, plus an extra 1,200 Texas city websites that we’re now building. & Authentic Texan Seeking Business Partners


What we’re seeking is people with businesses who want partners to help them with advertisement, promotion, marketing, and IT in exchange for some ownership. We work with you and help build your business as a partner in some capacity. Whether it’s an RV park, ranch, resort, jewelry outlet, winery, boot factory, restaurant, campground, real estate development or almost anything else, in whatever capacity, we’re here to help.

We’re also seeking investors, people with extra money who are looking for potential projects but want help in building, running, and promoting it. Because of the business that we’re in, we’re continually running across really good deals but don’t have the capital, backers, and financials to jump right in.

If you have a business that you think we could help expand and promote by using our vast resources in our online presence, contact us. Or, if you have a ranch or land that you think is a business opportunity to create a bike park, dude ranch, family retreat, or resort-type atmosphere for relaxation or meditation, contact us. Even a commercial building, residential property, or an RV campground, mobile home park, or attraction, whether it’s the Texas Hill Country or anywhere in Texas. Whether you’ve got something like a winery, beer and barbecue joint, or any other establishment we can grow, we’re open to the possibilities of getting involved with anything. Whether it’s partnering or owning, whether it’s selling it to us and letting us run it, we’re interested in working together, but you’ll have to finance it. Selling it to us will be a win-win, because we can probably promote it into success and make more for all of us. & Authentic Texan Seeking Business Partners

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What we’re seeking is something with which we can become involved and it will become our own, rather than a situation where we continue to promote and help everyone else. We want projects that we’re a part of.

If it’s a loan, tax write off, just a business investment, or even a contribution that you would want to offer, we have a new non-profit NGO that we’ve just created. The HelpAid Organization is a worldwide campaign starting in Texas and going all the way to India. If interested, you can check it out at It includes:,,,,,,,,

and dozens more.

Check it out, you name it, we’re involved or trying to become involved. So if you have some idea of something you want to partner with us on, something you want to sponsor, donate, or share, please contact us. Tell us what you’re thinking, we’re open to it, even if you just have a large sum of money that you would rather invest in us. We have opportunities all the time that are presented to us, but we don’t have the funding to get involved with them all. & Authentic Texan Seeking Business Partners

Photo: Facebook/Tony Maples Photography

We’re ready to grow with Texas Media Group from our successful model to down to and most every city in-between. If you want to look at some of the new sites in their beginning stages, check out or, and it’ll give you a feel for the direction we’re starting to head.

We’re even considering working with the volunteer fire departments across Texas and offering them a way to become the ambassadors of the city community websites, therefore generating a residual income for their departments. Offering 50% of anything they bring in to promote on these websites will go back into their volunteer organizations. So we have all kinds of plans for growing across Texas, from creating an AuthenticTexan jewelry line to salsa and clothing, even up to vehicles like a new Ford AuthenticTexans truck. If any of this appeals to you or if you have any ideas or connections, please contact us. Nothing is too small or too odd, we will consider all offers.

If you’re an investor and just want your project dream to become a bigger version of itself, let us know.

We’re just wanting to expand from a small group that has grown far beyond our expectations. Now is the time to take this proven, successful model to the next level. We’ve created and generated a huge online presence for Texans like no other, and so we want to bring in partners in business, products, and services, as well as philanthropy. & Authentic Texan Seeking Business Partners

Photo: Facebook/Tony Maples Photography

So if you’re a mom and pop operation, a retiree, a small business owner, a big business owner, a property owner, an idea person, or investor, if you have any of these background essentials, please let us know. We’re not necessarily asking for any money, we’re asking for a chance to work with you, to partner with you, to help you, advertise for you, and for you to help us in turn. There’s just so much potential here!

We’re bringing marketing and business experience to the table, but if we need some cash, we have as much as $50,000 available for the right opportunity. If you have an opportunity available, or know of one, please share this message, or contact me directly: [email protected]