You’ve Never Seen an Apartment Quite as Colorful as This One

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Amina Mucciolo, best known for her Instagram handle @studiomucci, has curated such a beautiful and vibrant living space that her work has gone viral. According to the Today Show, Mucciolo’s home is only 650 square feet, but you’d never guess how small it is from photos that are are bursting with color.

“Well, good for her. I wonder what her husband thinks of it? She lives there with him. It looks like a kindergarten class to me,” Kathie Lee quipped on The Today Show. But, Mucciolo’s fans know that what she has created is very special. She currently has over 196K followers on Instagram who constantly ask her how she’s painted her walls and produced the gorgeous floral panel in her living room.

“It’s really important to me that where I live is a reflection of me and my personality, and also of my husband. We like for our space to be fun and happy and inspiring,” BoredPanda quotes Mucciolo.

Mucciolo also has her own YouTube channel where she teachers viewers who to build their own colorful space. With her stunning long pastel braids and beaming smile, she’s exactly how you’d expect someone to be who lives in a unicorn wonderland.

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