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Man Asks Seguin Police For an Absent Note From Work During the Freeze

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Since the weather outside has been frightful, and Texans certainly aren’t used to traveling in this kind of winter storm, many businesses were closed on the 16th due to the ice on the roads. Unfortunately, not every employer was on board with canceling work, and some people felt forced to come into work even while it was unsafe on the roads. KENS 5 writes that one man didn’t take “no ice day” for an answer. Justin Garcia posted on the Seguin Police Department’s Facebook post concerning the weather to ask, “Can y’all write me a note for work?”

The Seguin Police Department weren’t kidding when they said in their main post that they “don’t want to ‘run into’ you today. Please take Officer Contreras’ advice and stay home, be warm, and tune into some Netflix or Hulu!” When Garcia asked for a written excuse from work, he got a swift reply. “Dear Justin’s Boss, The roads are bad and are going to get worse. Much worse. Please let him stay home, warm and safe and enjoy some Hulu or some cool shows on Netflix. And, he needs a raise. He rocks. Respectfully ~ Deputy Chief B. Ure,” the reply read.

There’s no word as to how Garcia’s employers reacted, but hopefully, he gets that raise, too!