Send Your Friends a Kaleidoscope Postcard From Your Travels 

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Bored Panda recently uploaded a video to Facebook that shows how travelers can send their friends and family an ever-changing and completely unique piece of their trip. With this kaleidoscope postcard kit, recipients will be able to put together a Paperscope that uses small items a traveler can pick up from memorable locations on their trip to form interesting patterns. In addition to receiving a tactile storyline of their friend’s discoveries, the viewer can experience something wondrous as well.

Commenters on Facebook point out the video shows plant material used inside some of the example kaleidoscopes would not be allowed in packages shipped internationally. Despite that one little barrier, travelers should be able to discover all kinds of small interesting items to include in this unique gift from one’s travels, or even from a person’s own backyard to send out of the blue.

The DIY Paperscope comes with instructions which claim to lead to a working knowledge of how kaleidoscopes actually function. But sadly, the Kickstarter for this project closed a few days ago and did not reach their full funding. Since the artistic team seems ambitious, look out for other outlets you can grab a hold of the project through.