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Senior Citizens Given Little Notice to Move Out of Apartments Damaged by Hurricane Harvey

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Over 200 Senior Citizens were handed eviction notices with only five days notice to move out by September 23rd. According to an article by ABC 13 News, the residents living near Memorial and Sawyer near Buffalo Bayou Park received eviction letters to move out citing, “that management is forcing to exercise their right to terminate the lease.”

“The deadline, September 23rd, was handed down with only five day’s notice, says resident Edward Price,” in an article by abc13.com. Many of the residents are also veterans that are being forced out. “I’m 98 years old. I’m a war-wounded veteran. I’m crippled,” resident Albert Frances Shuttenberg said. “I got three Purple Hearts and they’re throwing me out.”

Senior Citizens

Due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey on the complex, the city stated there was no other choice.

“Originally we thought it was doable and that’s what the standard practice is in what private real estate folks are doing around the city,” Gunsolley said. “We’re gonna evaluate it day by day. I know that if I gave people a 10-day notice, they would still say that’s not enough time, and on day 9, people would still be here,” said Tony Gunsolley of the Houston Housing Authority (HHA) to abc13.com.

In a recent follow-up article from abc13.com, the Houston Housing Authority shared they are giving residents more time to evacuate. “The agency now says it will continue to work with residents beyond the five-day period to find new housing options.”

HHA President Gunsolley and the board met with residents to detail why it is necessary to have them move out of their homes. “This is a very dangerous situation,” Gunsolley said. “The electrical system is going to fail. It’s not a matter of if but when” shared abc13.com. Rumors were swirling around that a luxury complex was being built in its place but the HHA squashed those and stated that they plan to either repair or rebuild the property, according to ABC 13.