‘Serafina Loves Science!’ Inspires Kids with a Touch of Humor

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A new series of books focusing on middle-school-aged readers, with a setting based in the Lone Star State, is adding a new title to its inspiring library. “Serafina Loves Science!” is attracting a broad readership among those who have a passion for science and adventure. Author Cara Bartek is a Ph.D., a mother of two, and she works with her husband running a prosperous Texas agricultural business. Somewhere in that mix, she’s found the time to develop the character of 11-year-old Serafina, who makes use of science to work her way through life in middle school. The latest title in the popular series is “Plastic Probs,” set to be released on November 11, 2019.

This middle school fiction, perfect for eight to 12-year-olds, follows Serafina’s adventures incorporating science concepts as her tools for navigating and understanding life challenges. The “Plastic Probs” addition to the “Serafina Loves Science!” titles follows the character on vacation as she meets Doris, a young beach conservationist. Doris inspires Serafina to surf and care for the world’s oceans while giving her the appetite for awareness and the knowledge she needs to compete in the state-wide Earth Day science fair.

Video: YouTube/Cara Bartek


The book trailer for “Plastic Probs” from the Serafina series shares reader reviews and a bit of a teaser with respect to the storyline. “Serafina needs all the help she can get as she faces the competitive playing field and is forced to work with her arch-nemesis, Lucius Starling. Will Serafina be able to face her fears and win – or will she go down in history as just another plastic problem?” the video description reads.

‘Serafina Loves Science!' Inspires Kids with a Touch of Humor

Photo: Facebook/Cara Bartek – Author and Podcaster

In addition to the writing this series, Bartek also launched a podcast in June of 2019. Called “The Universe in a Seashell,” the podcast is designed to be lighthearted and humorous. Bartek incorporates Serafina series concepts, scientific news and facts, and cameo appearances by her two young daughters. “The middle years—specifically nine through 13—they’re really tough for kids, at least they were for me,” Bartek said in an interview Texas Hill Country. “That’s when you’re squeezed between being a child and a teenager.” With both the book series as well as the podcast, her hope is that kids will get the tools they need to deal with life issues as well as growing an interest and excitement in science. Using fun concepts and storytelling with humor, Bartek succeeds in an industry where some fall short.

Look for the “Serafina Loves Science!” series in print, ebook, and audio, and watch for “Plastic Probs,” the third title being released in November. Visit Cara Bartek’s website for more information, listen to “The Universe in a Seashell” here, or follow her Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates and details.