Sereno the Horse Mourns Death of its Human

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If there is ever a doubt that your animals can care for you to the capacity that you care for them, this video has cleared that up. Wagner Lima died in a traffic accident in Paraiba, Brazil. His horse, named Sereno, who was also his best friend, and apparently felt the same about Wagner, attended his funeral and seemed to sense that his friend was in the coffin.

The video and story were picked up by Inside Edition. They explained in their post on YouTube that Sereno “whimpered during the procession to the cemetery” and at one point, laid his head on top of the casket. The horse was mourning the loss of his best friend and shared in the grief that all those who attended the service were feeling.

Sereno will have a home with Lima’s brother and his family now that his friend has died. It is unclear to what extent grief will affect the horse and how long he will need to process the loss. Up until the 1980’s the concept that animals felt grief as much as humans did was considered absurd. Sophisticated brain-imaging techniques, however, have since proven that emotions in humans are formed in parts of the brain such as the limbic system, which is one that all mammals share. Dopamine and endorphins are also identical across various species, and therefore, with all of these similarities, why would the feelings experienced by human or animal be any different? Our hearts go out to this loving companion.