How to Serve a Texas Christmas Barbecue Dinner

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In Texas, a white Christmas rarely happens, but the milder weather in the state makes Christmas an ideal holiday for barbecuing. You can cook your Christmas dinner on a barbecue grill, and free up your kitchen for making sides. If you tire of turkey or feel humdrum about ham, try a Christmas barbecue dinner this year for something different.

Main Course

Christmas barbecue dinner beef brisket from a slow cooker

Photo: Pinterest/Your Homebased Mom

Of course, for a Christmas barbecue dinner, you’ll want to serve beef, the quintessential Texas meat to cook. Opt for either brisket or ribs or both, but for the best flavor, cook your meat over low, slow heat. You can use your outdoor grill, an oven, or a slow cooker. For the best flavor, cook your brisket over indirect heat in a low grill. Try Your Homebased Mom’s recipe for slow cooker beef brisket or these whiskey barbecue ribs from Texas Hill County.

Hot Sides

Christmas barbecue dinner barbecued brussels sprouts

Photo: Pinterest/Athletic Avocado

Hot sides for your Christmas barbecue dinner should both please traditionalists and pair well with the beef. Try this recipe for barbecued brussels sprouts from Athletic Avocado. These come into season during the winter, and you can purchase them fresh on a stalk instead of frozen. When you barbecue fresh brussels sprouts, they get crispy on the outside, and you are at a lower risk for overcooking them, which contributes why many claim not to like these vegetables. Of course, you can’t have barbecue without baked beans. Try this version from Sweet Little Bluebird for a taste of bacony goodness with your dinner.


Christmas barbecue dinner roasted sweet potato salad

Photo: Pinterest/Joanne Bruno

For cold sides, stick with classic potato salad or this black bean corn salad. For a more holiday-themed side, try Eats Well With Others’s recipe for roasted sweet potato salad tossed with cranberry chipotle dressing. With all the flavors of the fall in the dish and the comforting flavor of sweet potatoes, you cannot go wrong with this salad.


Christmas barbecue dinner apple pie

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Anything you like can be a Christmas barbecue dinner dessert. Though peach cobbler is a favorite to serve with barbecue, you may find it hard to find fresh peaches during the holidays. Stick with a traditional, yet tasty apple pie or pecan pie. Both apples and pecans are in season and found in abundance at this time of year. And if you’re pressed for time, you’ll be able to find multiple places around the Hill Country to purchase either.