Man Saved by Server Giving Him CPR at the Texas Roadhouse

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Laci Perez, a nursing student and server at the Texas Roadhouse in Wichita Falls, had no idea that she would possibly save a life on Sunday at the restaurant. According to local Newschannel 6, those who witnessed the situation at the Texas Roadhouse over the weekend took to Facebook to explain what happened and rejoice in Perez’s quick thinking.

A man who was eating lunch with his family suddenly fell over in the midst of a heart attack. Since Perez has CPR training, she started giving the man CPR while onlookers dialed 911. The paramedics came and said that Perez’s quick actions helped to save the man’s life. “The man she saved is still in the hospital at last check. But his family has posted all over Facebook about how thankful they are for Laci Perez” the news writes.

The scary situation serves as a reminder that CPR training is vital training to have under one’s belt. The American Heart Association has a list of training centers online where anyone can go learn the skills needed to potentially save someone’s life. “More than 326,000 people in the US suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests each year. Statistics prove that if more people knew CPR, more lives could be saved,” the website reads.