‘Seven Days in Utopia’: Stunning Texas Hill Country Scenery and a Power-Packed Cast

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Based on the book entitled “Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia,” written by Dr. David Lamar Cook, the film adaptation, “Seven Days in Utopia” stars Robert Duvall and Lucas Black, playing roles opposite each other, but not necessarily at odds.

In the silver screen version, Luke Chisholm (Black’s character) is a young, pro golfer who has a tournament meltdown on national TV. Afterward, he crashes his car into Johnny Crawford’s (Duvall’s character) fence in Utopia, Texas, and requires the services of a mechanic – or so he thinks.

Shared on the Jesse Techno YouTube Channel, this official trailer for the movie provides the tone and basis for the plot, its characters, and the direction their lives are taking. Filmed in both Utopia and Fredericksburg, here in the Texas Hill Country, the movie was released in 2011 in the Christian sports drama genre. Although critics gave it mixed reviews, we give the story, the cast, and the scenery (of course!) two enthusiastic thumbs up. It’s hard to make a movie with the likes of Robert Duvall and Lucas Black in the lead roles and have something to complain about, let alone having the setting be in one of the loveliest regions in one of the greatest states in America! Look for “Seven Days in Utopia” on iTunes or Amazon, or for rent locally when you need a dose of gorgeous Texas Hill Country scenery, and great stars (and not just the kind at night!)