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Unexpected Effect of Severe Weather? More Snakes Slithering Around

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With severe weathers come one more unpleasant side effect: more snakes! As their dens are ransacked by weather, be on the look out.

North Texas and the Hill Country have seen a few severe weather systems roll through this spring, but the worst may not be over yet. Experts like Will Mitchell, the manager for the Prosper Parks and Recreation Department, warn that after heavy rains, snakes are more abundant than ever.

Because heavy rains and hail damage snake dens by either obliterating them entirely or unveiling their hiding places, it means that more snakes are slithering around on the look out for a new home. Mitchell told CBSDFW that in the Houston metro area especially, snake habitats were washed away entirely and the search for dry ground has begun.

While the “most common snake seen around here is the copperhead, there is also the cottonmouth or water moccasin as well”, and residents should keep an eye out for when working outside for the next few weeks. Remember that if you are confronted by a snake to back away deliberately and slowly, making no sudden movements.

If you or someone you love has been bitten, call for medical attention immediately.