Do You Think You’re Sexy: Texas Women Respond Resoundingly, ‘Yes’

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In a survey of 17,000 women, Priceonomics wanted to know, “Do you consider yourself sexy?” 10 states uttered a resounding “Yes!” including the state of Texas.

The other nine states giving a positive response to the survey were Florida, New York, Arkansas, Delaware, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, and California. Although we have absolutely no doubt that Texas ladies would list themselves as sexy, the thought that the others sadly wouldn’t was troubling. Body image, these days more than ever, it seems, plays a large role in our feelings of self-esteem, which can greatly affect our overall outlook on life. Texas women clearly and confidently have that sense of self-confidence that reflected loud and clear.

Do You Think You’re Sexy: Texas Women Respond Resoundingly, “Yes”

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Many people would concur that Texas women appear to have a little “je ne sais quoi” about them and that the requirement of a survey to prove it was unnecessary, but Priceonomics also qualified the question with what truly makes a woman feel sexy. They wanted to know if age played a factor, and what percentage of women across America felt body-shamed at some point. Unfortunately, the states in which women were less likely to feel confident and sexy were Tennessee, Maine, Alaska, South Dakota, Vermont, Nebraska, Indiana, and Utah. What are your thoughts on this survey and what it meant regarding the confidence level and self-esteem of Texas women? Priceonomics identified, “The majority of women (55%) responded that they feel sexy ‘sometimes,’ while 24% emphatically answered ‘yes,’ and 9% answered ‘no.’ (About 11% responded with another option we provided: ‘I feel weird calling myself that.’) But when broken down by state, these percentages widely vary.”