Shelter Dogs, At-Risk Teens Paired to Help Each Other in Plano

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In order to get adopted, many shelter dogs need some extra training and care to prepare them for a new family life. A program in Plano called Second Chance aims to bring at-risk youth and trainable dogs together in order for the pairs to help each other succeed.

Second Chance founder Cathy Smith told WFA, “Animals really do have this ability to heal.” She hope that while the teens form relationships with the shelter dogs, the dogs will be able to move out of The Plano Animal Shelter and get adopted into a forever home, and the young people will learn how to patiently and empathetically work toward a goal and commitment.

Judge John Payton orders teens into the program, but many end up enjoying the assignment. Glen Gager even adopted the pit bull named Rocky that he helped to rehabilitate. “He’s goofy and I’m goofy, it’s perfect,” Gager told the news.

Second Chance currently has a live GoFundMe page they’re using to support the program’s growth. In the description they explain how successful the program has already become. They write, “After our first year in operation, the shelter has confirmed that our trainees have had an above-average rate of adoption. The students, parents, and shelter staff are enthusiastic about the results and seeing it continue.”