Shelter Rescue, Ella Bean, Becomes World Traveler and Poster Dog Against Puppy Mills

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Ella Bean the dog weighs all of four pounds and has traveled the world, including a visit to the Texas Hill Country on a tour of Austin! A survivor of a puppy mill, and at one time scheduled for the worst fate that could befall an animal (she was rescued from a kill shelter just in the nick of time), Ella Bean was picked up by her forever family from a South Florida shelter and now resides in Williamsburg (a neighborhood in New York City) where she enjoys modeling, ceviche, and rosé.

Her owners are proud of Ella Bean and pursue the social conviction of promoting #adoptdontshop when it comes to finding dogs, and cats as well. Ella’s website promotes finding puppies or any age of dog at shelters or through working with reputable breeders as opposed to visiting pet stores and online breeders where they note that many a dog can be “farmed like livestock, kept in cages and used to breed and sell” for profit.

The Dodo picked up Ella Bean’s story and posted her video to their Facebook account where viewers can watch all of the places she’s been and things she’s been treated to since being saved. Her family wants everyone to know not only her story but those of others in the very same plight. They ask through the video as well as their website that potential new pet owners consider obtaining more information regarding puppy mills through their local arm of the Humane Society, and in the meantime, visit Ella Bean’s lifestyle blog to learn more about her dreams coming true!