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Maker of Shiner Bock Goes to the ‘Ship with First-Time Super Bowl Ad

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Shiner beer never ceases to impress, and making the most of its Texas appeal as well as branching out into the limelight, it’s going to the ‘ship – the NFL championship that is. That’s right, Spoetzl Brewery, the makers of such products as Shiner Bock, has launched its first Super Bowl commercial to the tune of $1.2 million.

According to a press release, this is the very first time that Spoetzl will debut a television commercial at this level of advertising, and although all outward appearances look like a large upfront cost, the Shiner Bock ad will continue airplay throughout Texas for the remainder of the year.

For 109 years now, Shiner Bock has been a favorite of Texans, and with the continued increase in population growth (it was recently noted we grew by just about 400,000 people last year), the brewery hopes to bank on that growth by introducing the product in a bold new way to the masses.

Maker of Shiner Bock Goes to the ‘Ship With First-Time Super Bowl Ad

Photo: Facebook/Danx Brewing

In the press release, Spoetzl’s director of marketing, Gregor Mina, explained, “The ad reflects how throughout the years, Shiner has woven itself into the rich history and culture of Texas and has become known to all for being familiar, friendly and welcoming. We truly believe that Shiner is Texas, and we want to offer all of these new Texans an ice-cold welcome.”

For those of you who were already a huge Shiner fan, the opportunity is still open for you to enter for a chance to win a pre-game private backyard barbecue hosted by Shiner at your home on game day, featuring a live acoustic music by none other than country star Wade Bowen and, of course, beer! Enter the contest at Spoetzel’s website for this fine beverage and don’t forget to watch for their new Super Bowl ad that takes place on February 4.