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Shipley’s Owner Reaches Out to an Employee Impacted By Harvey

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A West Houston Shipley’s franchise owner, Mike Simon, reached out to one of his employees after working with the organization Our Town America to obtain a donation. The employee, Lucia Flores, dealt with flooding in her home during Harvey that reached above her roof. Sadly, with flooding at that level, she lost everything. Simon handed Flores a check for $3,000 to help her start fresh.

The moment, which was filmed by ABC 13, was full of tears from all of the participants. In the wake of Harvey, emotions are still raw, and thinking about the energy it takes to rebuild one’s life along with the increased compassion Houstonians are showing for one another culminates in a bittersweet feeling appropriately expressed through tears.

As explained in a video from CW 39, Our Town America is mostly known for selling advertising and assisting businesses in growth, but they recently reached out to local businesses trying to help with flood damages. When Simon was contacted to receive $3000 for his store, he decided to accept the check but immediately give it to Flores. She was very surprised and relieved to start picking up the pieces after Harvey. You can see her reaction in the video here, posted on the OurTownAmerica YouTube channel.