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Shirtless Man in Houston Lets SUV Roll Into Water While Dancing

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On Wednesday, October 12th, a Houston man caused a strange scene at the bayou located at North Macgregor and Almeda. ABC13 reported on the incident and spoke with eyewitnesses on the scene. Apparently, a shirtless man exited his SUV, began dancing next to it and then let his SUV roll into the Bayou waters.

As seen in the photo above, the decline into the bayou waters is significant enough to damage the front end of the SUV once it rolled down. As a crowd gathered along the walking trail located alongside the bayou, a patrol car showed up along with employees from the Mental Health Unit.

According to The City of Houston’s website, “Houston Police Department’s Mental Health Division uses multifaceted strategies to respond to individuals in serious mental health crises.” They work alongside Harris County programs that assist the mentally ill, and they undergo special training to serve in the force.

Many times this kind of mental health outreach seems to be overlooked when dealing with the absurd sights that take place along roads in major cities. Even though the situation seems humorous, there’s often a mental issue lurking behind these incidents.